1) To first, do no harm

2) To restore the sacred to healing and living

3) To focus my energies on healing the Individual, the Family, the Community, the Society and ultimately the Planet

4) To move my healing work out of the strictures of commerce and into the expansiveness of spirit, where all things are possible

5) To continue holding a multi-faceted vision for creating reproducible, sustainable, and empowerment based natural healing models for the community and the land, while promoting the existing heritage, art, industry and natural resources of Cape Ann with a responsible destination eco-tourism teaching model

6)  To conscientiously navigate the local, state, federal and international legal, regulatory and societal  structures that are currently placing undue hardship on those wishing to practice natural living and natural healing as a basic right and religious freedom

7) To help others move out of fear and into empowerment

8) To teach the current importance of becoming involved in your food system, divesting from fossil fuel and plastics, protecting all water, and other important ways in which healing is deeply tied to the planet.

…to be continued