I believe that I have the right and the responsibility to partake in healthful living. This includes being in right relations with all life forms, my environment, and in honor of my ancestors and future generations. My thoughts and actions are collectively shaping the world I live in and the world that future generations will be living in.  I am in charge of these choices.  How shall I weave my dream of the future?

I believe strongly in the mind-body connection.  I do my best to treat everyone and everything in the way I would like to be treated, even if they communicate differently or  in a  way I can’t hear.  I understand that my personal reality may not be the only reality, therefore I always act from love and a positive regard for the greatest good I can see.  How am I treating myself? Am I loving to myself, to my temple that is my body, given to me by the Great Spirit, God or Goddess?  It is time to transform the patterns that separate me from my true self, from others and from the Great Spirit.  At this time in the world, this requires a commitment to resolving deeply conflicting programs and emotions within me and in the outer world.  If I want to change my life, I must change the choices I make in my life by walking and talking in a way that honors the sacred in all things.

While on this path to healing, there are many crossroads to navigate.  Currently, I am forced to make choices for the greater good of the work I do as a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend,  neighbor, minister and healer.  These choices may not always be accepted by everyone but it is my promise that I will always navigate them with integrity, with utmost consideration to the deeper ethics that guide me, and with the all important intention of “first, do no harm”.

That being said, the planet is in a healing crisis and so are many of the life forms on the planet.  The “symptoms” that come along with healing are not within my control. Sometimes healing is in the form of amazing relief of pain and suffering. Sometimes, things get worse before they get better.  Sometimes, “symptoms” of healing are uncomfortable, particularly when they allow the up-welling of deep emotions long held back.  Often,  releasing these chemical, physical and emotional stresses from their seats in the mind, body and spirit can be very challenging.  I do my best with the skills I have to facilitate a healing experience in a way that feels safe. Though I aim to complement, and integrate, western medical treatment and diagnosis, many people choose to step out of this box altogether.  Some find that past western treatment  and diagnosis has not been helpful, worse harmful.   Some find that the choices they are being offered do not feel acceptable and they are seeking a more natural option. Some of my skills are conventional and licensed by the state and some are “unconventional” traditional medicine techniques not governed, nor supported, by current health care structures.  I offer what I feel the best options are, from my full knowledge, giving you an empowered choice in your care.  Anything less of an offering would be untrue to my faith.

The evidence informed and educated opinions that I share on my websites, and in any other format,  are not necessarily shared by any of my colleagues, business associates, employees, contractors, teachers, students, community members, ministry, members of my family or other associates.   They are mine, and mine alone, but freely adoptable by anyone who so chooses.  As of 3/22/14, the statements made on my websites, or by me in any form,  have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration or any like agency of the USA or any other country. I make every reasonable effort to stay abreast of and comply with reasonable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), international, federal, state and local laws or previously set precedents, where applicable, so long as they do not place undue hardship on my religious and spiritual practices or that of those seeking my ministry teachings or services.  Information on my websites and the services offered therein may be deemed beneficial, but are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  If you believe that you may have a disease condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner, as you see fit,  before using any traditional healing practice or dietary supplement.  All information and ministry offerings are not intended to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions, nor do they claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions by standard medical means. If you seek out any services through my websites, you acknowledge that you have done so with informed consent and that you hereby have knowingly chosen my ministry offerings.  I freely accept any and all gifts generously given to me in support of my ministerial responsibilities.  These Sacred Giveaway Offerings are not currently tax deductible and may be subject to IRS gifting laws.  I may be an affiliate for products  or services that I recommend.  This is another way to support my ministry. If you purchase those offerings through my links I will earn a taxable commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate not available elsewhere.

This true path is one of ease when I can let go.  I can’t guarantee I will always make decisions that will be comfortable, but you are welcome to join me on this journey.

Yours in Service,

Dr. Nicole “Rainbow Woman” Andrade