I truly believe that one of the most important paradigm shifts happening currently is the transition to gifting economy.  I encourage practices of balanced giving, receiving and additional regular donating out of surplus in support of worthy people or causes.

Many have urged me to suggest an Offering Amount for my ministry services. People are just not sure how to operate in a gifting model yet and they want to acknowledge the value of my ministry work.  In each individual situation I offer a sliding scale reflecting the amount of energy I can prayerfully give while still taking care of myself, my family and my community.  This sliding donation scale can only be by way of suggestion. I would prefer that all people prayerfully consider their circumstances and make the Sacred Giveaway Offering that is most appropriate to the guidance they prayerfully receive about supporting my work.  Make the issue a matter of prayer and serious contemplation.  Allow Spirit to guide you as to what would be appropriate for you.  If this is a difficult paradigm for you, simply make the suggested offering and work toward change. (adapted from Nemenhah ITO)

While I am working on forming a non-profit organization, I am honored and tremendously grateful to personally receive gifts (worth up to $13,000 per year from any one individual) in support of my visions and ministry work.  I am working to create a link for ease of giving.  Until then, gifts are gratefully accepted by:

Nicole Andrade

3 Haskell Ct

Gloucester, MA 01930


Thank you so much for supporting my visions of healing for the individual, the family, the community, society, and ultimately the world.

Yours in service,

Nicole “Rainbow Woman” Andrade