For me, community building is a very important part of my healing work. I consider everyone I agree to counsel locally to be part of my family, either by blood or chosen relations and I will do my best to support you as such. I spend a lot of time supporting family in transition or in healing crisis.  Currently I must walk this tightrope in balance by being specific about my boundaries.  In this way I can be in Service to as many people as possible while maintaining a healthy balance.  Please respect my time and the following requests:

If you are currently part of my family,  you may contact me via text message or the phone number which you have.

If you are a new or past acquaintance seeking to be part of my family, please email me at

If you would like my chiropractic services please visit here.

It is my goal in the near future to show all the yoga and other classes I am attending  on my online schedule.  You are welcome to join me in classes of interest where space is available.  You can meet me in person there.  Especially if you are a new student to yoga, it will give me great  joy to have you join me in the classes I attend.  In many instances your first class may be free. I might even pick you up if you are local, as long as you can tolerate the sand, dog hair and kid mess in my car.